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[Per]spective- [Per]ception is a fashion series of triptychs, exploring the visual ideas of divergent identities, repetition and multipolarity.

Every event and object can be observed from different angles – no viewpoint is correct, but rather, is just one of many interpretations. In this series, the artist’s emphasis is on total control; of the environment, object, and, most importantly, perspective which in turn determines impressions. The photographer is setting the image, like a painter, depicting scenes on a blank canvas –– with purpose and discipline.

Inspired by Francis Bacon’s otherworldly detached triptychs, this editorial aims to reveal how versatile, or even conflicting, an item can be. The conflicting nature of the item depends on perspective which can often limit one’s perception.

Intentional distortion is used, in this sequence, to multiply the object’s presence, exposing its multipolarity. A flat image is gradually changing through distortional movement. This changing movement enables one to become more aware of the object in its totality.


The prints are on sale, for more details, please contact Olga.

Models: Cassi Priestley (Muse), Valerie Stepanova, Anastasia Standrik, Elise Widerker, Michelle Bobe, Shaye Davis


MUA: Dayna Lorusso, Mia Varrone


Special thanks to: Konstantin Lyubimov, Ilya Smushkin, Elizaveta Tulinova, Masha Angelova

Featured in Art of Portrait