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Gymnasium 1529 is a school in Moscow, I graduated from in 2014, where I’d been studying for 7 years, then I moved to New York city to study at NYU, and only there I started think about Gymnasium, which felt so mundane and common before. There is a Russian saying: School is a student's second home.  This year, my second home, Gymnasium 1529, is going to be renovated, thus many things will be destroyed and replaced with the new modern novelties.

With the help of my ex-teacher and ex-form-master, Natalia Vladimirovna, I was able to get an access to all the rooms in Gymnasium, including those I've never been before.

Nikolai Gogol's monument at the entrance of the Gymnasium

"The laughter was created to mock everything what shames the real beauty of the human being", says the text above.

Natalia Vladimirovna near her office

The corridors in Gymnasium

A drawing of the girl in the elementary school

First Graders (Pervoklashki)

A second stairway

A Biology Class

Hand-made posters, created by a biology teacher a few decades ago

Break time

Assembly Hall